Sunday, April 7, 2013


P           B          , “The Dumbest Question Ever”

THE DUMBEST QUESTION EVER is a series of electronic letters (emails) which venture into a delirious bricolage of technology, sex, urban decrepitude, Goldman Sachs, race, the active lives of objects, AFRICOM, the state of American black nationalism, betrayal, the occult, friendship, and the late despot Muammar Qaddafi--all to solve the mystery of a missing phone charger.

You can contact the DQE at thedqe AT gmail DOT com.

40 pages; hand-stitched binding; printed in a numbered edition of 120 in Chicago in March 2013.  Cover letterpressed on a Sigwalt Ideal No. 5.
6 ½ x 8  inches
$10 (shipping included)

UNREDACTED version: in a special edition of 20. 
$20 (shipping included)

Visit to purchase.

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