Monday, October 15, 2012

alice blue books launches PNW chapbook series: SHOTGUN WEDDING

 6 chapbooks by 6 PNW authors:

Refugium by Bill Carty
Bedtime Stories by Tara Atkinson
The Best Divorce by Trina Burke
The Dictator's Mistress by Elizabeth Myhr
Reflummoxology: OR, a Navel Inverse by Timothy David Orme
MOREFROM by Michael Rerick

Get them individually at $5/book or the whole set for $20 at the new alice blue books etsy store.

SDVIG by Joshua Ware & Natasha Kessler (alice blue books 2012)

Get it alice blue's new etsy store.

These crown sonnets by Ware & Kessler are wrapped in cover of handmade paper, lined with rosemary and botanical matter and texts, by Naomi Tarle. They are titled with a hand-cut stencil and touched with a vellum slip. It is a hand sewn binding and 100% archival.