Friday, December 21, 2012


Presenting Blue Hour Press' 20th chapbook, Daniel Coudriet's Parade:

Like the remembrances of a vacant town, the poems in Daniel Coudriet’s Parade echo and scratch, fill rooms, floodlike, and rush against the worn paths of past populaces. Their lines trip into each other in the act of sense-making, weary and wistful; their stanzas shutter and develop detours like new symptoms of a melancholy. Each piece gives itself over to its own ghosts — townspeople raising hopeless ruckuses, lost children, passengers of caravans, cold railways, and rivers. Who are these processions? Where is their nation? And is this our best possibility of understanding it — with these fever dreams and distortions? Coudriet holds them his hands, his sustenance, with one promise: “You’d hear hunger.”

Thanks, and we'll have Blue Hour Press news to share in the New Year.

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