Monday, November 28, 2011

FAX from Agnes Fox Press!

Yo. Agnes Fox Press is happy to announce a new book:  FAX. It is a collaboration between Seth Parker and Ali Osborn (a poet and a visual artist). It is a handsome little volume, produced with love, and it can be yours for $8 right here. Eight buckaroos. Not too bad! Here's a taste:

A lusty tiger 
now you
just knocked
on the devil's
a bitter
3-2-1 I'm
& the Ruth's Chris
under me

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pretend You'll Do It Again by Josh Russell

Pretend You’ll Do It Again by Josh Russell

Josh Russell’s Pretend… proves that one can write a thousand word novel. These thirteen stories, some quick, others controlled bits of sprawls, do what great prose is supposed to do: they pick you up by your shirt collar and plop you down in a barber shop mid shave, or on a dare, rural Georgia. His words will beckon you and their lasting images will haunt the furthest recesses of your head. Get this. Get this now.

7 x 9 chapbook. 122# heavy cover paper. Hand stamped and printed. Repurposed maps throughout. Printed and bound in an edition of 90.

$7.50 usa/canada
$9.50 world


Also in stock: books by Jordan Davis, Nate Pritts, Travis Brown, Paige Taggart, Sasha Fletcher, Garth Graeper, Kathleen Rooney, & Andrew Borgstrom