Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Chaps from Poor Claudia

We Poor Claudians are proud to present 2 (and 1/2) new chapbooks!

Heroisms by Dan Beachy-Quick / 8 USD + Shipping

A hand-sewn chapbook printed on linen and laid stock, published in an edition of 150.

Timothy Donnelly has this to say about the DB-Q's long poem: "Beachy-Quick lets his figure of the hero, driven by the desire to possess and to master, commit one blunder after another. The poem implies that the path the hero is on may very well be one of maturing from a person who “never stops / Asking for an answer” into one who knows “There is a way to think that asks no questions / But divides every question in two,” but we never quite witness that evolution take place. We do, however, witness the hero tire and even grow frightened of gazing upon the world and finding only himself again. The poem doesn’t tell us what happens next—in part, presumably, for dramatic effect, but also because its author knows better than to imply that the changes yet to take place in the hero’s mind are all that easy to make. Moreover, we end without knowing what happens next because being at home with unknowing is, one hopes, our hero’s destination.

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But wait there's more: A do-si-do double chapbook!

On Happier Lawns & Digital Macrame by Justin Marks & Paige Taggart

Digital Macrame & On Happier Lawns / 12 USD + Shipping

Double yer pleasure with our first split chap! Hand-sewn Do-Si-Do printed on linen stock with hand-cut covers. Published in a numbered edition of 175.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Cupboard's New Volume and First-Ever Contest

Bully/Bullied by James Scott and Ryan Call is now available from The Cupboard. Two stories, one story.

One tough kid and another tough kid and two stories, told side-by-side, about what it is we might want from one another, how it feels to just be left alone. Nick Gradowski is a bully. Jeremy Haskins is bullied. Tanya Wheatley is tough as shit. The Winter Carnival is a bright beacon, a place for handjobs and blue polar bears. If there are two sides to every story, Bully / Bullied wants to find a third, a fourth, a way out from our actions and their consequences.

Read excerpts here.

Reading Feb 1 - March 31
Prize: $500 & publication
Judge: Michael Martone

The Cupboard is holding its first-ever contest. The winning author will receive $500 and the manuscript will be published as an upcoming volume. We're looking for prose submissions between 4k and 10k words. In the past, we've published short stories, essays, collections of flash fiction and prose poems, and combinations thereof. Send us your best work. Submissions are received and read anonymously, and all submissions are eligible for regular publication.

To submit, go to:

Also, contest submitters are eligible for a discounted subscription to The Cupboard.