Thursday, February 17, 2011

Matchbook Volume Three

The new issue has finally hit the streets. Here's a copy in the arms of a finger puppet.

Here's the who & what: Poems by Anna Moschovakis, Jen Hofer, Tony Mancus, MC Hyland, Kate Lebo, Vince Gotera, Daniela Olszewska, Sophie Klahr, Brooklyn Copeland, Anne Marie Rooney, Ben Pelham, Trey Moody, Justin Runge, Marshall Walker Lee, Lisa Ciccarello, W. Vandoren Wheeler, Greg Weiss, Jasmine Dreame Wagner, Chris Hosea, Fred Schmalz, & Stacy Blint with letter-pressed illustrations by Cherie Weaver through out.

You can buy one copy for six dollars, or for fourteen dollars you can get three copies to share or hoard.

Get them right here!

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