Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A History of the Human Family by Sasha Steensen is out now with Flying Guillotine!

You & You are my uterine kin
thy love lights twilight
but what does it bring?
Not eternal food
Not eternal wakefulness
Not evidence
Not presence
but something just as filling,
just as draining.

Sasha Steensen is the author of A Magic Book (Fence Books), The Method (Fence Books), correspondence (with Gordon Hadfield, Handwritten Press), and The Future of an Illusion (Dos Press). She serves as one of the poetry editors for Colorado Review, and edits Bonfire Press. She teaches Literature and Creative Writing at Colorado State University.

is a hand bound book of poems with a cover designed by Tony Mancus. It is printed in an edition of 200.

$8.00 includes shipping.

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