Tuesday, September 28, 2010

TINY TSUNAMI by Matt Sadler out with Flying Guillotine!

Second Attempt at a Poem with Gretchen Inside

She’s the agent here, a
grown woman clacking little heels
on the creaky floorboards
before she’s a week old,
showing the place to odd clients,
one an obelisk, all eye but the
tiny caster on the bottom
to roll without turning, another
a Slim Jim, wrapper half open,
one bite off the top
forming his spiky hair.
No one’s buying today, too hard
to sell nothing to nothing. But
she’s beautiful, sitting there
at the empty table
a window dividing
the round sun
into squares.

Matt Sadler currently teaches English and Writing at Detroit Country Day School in Michigan and lives a happy life with his wife and two daughters.

is a hand bound book of poems with baby blanket covers. It is printed in an edition of 74.

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