Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MORE FRISK THAN RISK by Mark Horosky from Flying Guillotine!

There is only a curb between us and the street

where our minds traipse inside quotation marks. We

recognize our sources of information: fat,

architecture, seeming, church bells, and sweat.

The half-braided-head of woman hangs out of a curse,

a window and into a

We don't deal with language. Maybe the only thing left is attitude.

A flashing like a match stick in closed hands.

A bathtub chained to a street sign.

--from the Book of Risk

Mark Horosky is the author of Let It Be Nearby (Cue Editions, 2009), a collection of prose poems, and Fabulous Beasts (The Equalizer). Mark is a special education teacher in Brooklyn, New York.

MORE FRISK THAN RISK is a hand bound book of poems with original covers designed by Amie Robinson, Alison Walsh, Tony Mancus & others to be announced. It is printed in an edition of 74.

$8.00 includes shipping.

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