Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fata Morgana, from Blue Hour Press

Remembrance is not an unfamiliar landscape, yet, in Fata Morgana, Jeremy Pataky manages to erect monuments there that feel ephemeral and necessary. His circling, like that of a lost traveler who knows he is returning against his desire to, is skillfully replicated with an attention to language, image, and the intangible. Pataky works folds of memory—those difficult, those defiant, those not even owned—into “the world’s most careful paper crane,” object-making as coping with terminality and with lack. That this act is done with such honest grace and pathos makes Fata Morgana a true accomplishment.

Read Fata Morgana here.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

TINY TSUNAMI by Matt Sadler out with Flying Guillotine!

Second Attempt at a Poem with Gretchen Inside

She’s the agent here, a
grown woman clacking little heels
on the creaky floorboards
before she’s a week old,
showing the place to odd clients,
one an obelisk, all eye but the
tiny caster on the bottom
to roll without turning, another
a Slim Jim, wrapper half open,
one bite off the top
forming his spiky hair.
No one’s buying today, too hard
to sell nothing to nothing. But
she’s beautiful, sitting there
at the empty table
a window dividing
the round sun
into squares.

Matt Sadler currently teaches English and Writing at Detroit Country Day School in Michigan and lives a happy life with his wife and two daughters.

is a hand bound book of poems with baby blanket covers. It is printed in an edition of 74.

$8.00 includes shipping.

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MORE FRISK THAN RISK by Mark Horosky from Flying Guillotine!

There is only a curb between us and the street

where our minds traipse inside quotation marks. We

recognize our sources of information: fat,

architecture, seeming, church bells, and sweat.

The half-braided-head of woman hangs out of a curse,

a window and into a

We don't deal with language. Maybe the only thing left is attitude.

A flashing like a match stick in closed hands.

A bathtub chained to a street sign.

--from the Book of Risk

Mark Horosky is the author of Let It Be Nearby (Cue Editions, 2009), a collection of prose poems, and Fabulous Beasts (The Equalizer). Mark is a special education teacher in Brooklyn, New York.

MORE FRISK THAN RISK is a hand bound book of poems with original covers designed by Amie Robinson, Alison Walsh, Tony Mancus & others to be announced. It is printed in an edition of 74.

$8.00 includes shipping.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Crass Songs of Sand & Brine by Micah Robbins

I'm pleased to announce this new chapbook by Micah Robbins, publisher of Interbirth Books. Thanks to Micah, as well as to Richard Owens and Clifford Riley for helping design the cover.

Visit habenicht press for more details.

We are the kids in black -- night-worn
hangers-on tired and out of smokes
piss wasted -- dead in the eye

watching shubie legs pump rusted pedals
rattle hoary boards as they pass
the pavilion -- ours taken in the night

12pp. Letter-press cover designed by Richard Owens and Clifton Riley. Hand-sewn. Habenicht Press, 2010. $7 plus shipping.

Monday, September 13, 2010

HAUNTS is now available from Cooper Dillon!

Hot off the press at Cooper Dillon Books, check out what's new!

Haunts by Laura Cherry.
ISBN: 978-0-9841928-3-0
Paperback, 73 pages
$14.00 + s/h

"At once caffeinated and considered, razor-sharp smart and unsentimentally sweet," says Stefi Weisburd, this is Laura Cherry's debut full-length collection, and Jennifer Knox says it makes her happy to be a poet.