Thursday, August 26, 2010

Credo by J. Michael Wahlgren

Greying Ghost is proud to announce our newest release!

by J. Michael Wahlgren

"Wahlgren's Credo is a sea of language awash with a ubiquitous couple, Peter and Mckenna. In its lines, both the spoken and poetic word blend together to create a magnificent, tactile argot. Homonyms are juxtaposed without the irony of puns, as in "...plenty of reel in the real world." With a diamond-cutter's precision, Wahlgren facets these poems around myth and natural circumstances. Ultimately, in this collection of 24 poems, the reader is invited to experience Credo's lyrical terminology and take that first "Step into a New Surface." - Andrew Demcak

"More than the poems of hope or belief, what I love in Credo are the poems of resignation, in which, very gently and romantically, the poet shows how words are the only possibilities left to us." - Darcie Dennigan

5.5" x 8" Chapbook with hand-stamped, punch-out collage covers
and inlay paper. Printed in an edition of 75. Click here for images of the cover.
$6.00 free shipping in USA/Canada. Everyone else, add shipping.


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