Monday, June 28, 2010


Nine Live Two-Headed Animals
by Eric Amling

Greying Ghost Press

"Nine Live Two-Headed Animals is a didactic barroom brawl. You could describe this as something akin to surrealist literature but chances are they poems have lived before. Amling is a master at plucking bits and pieces of the outside world and allocating them into the various scenes of his own. At turns poignant and fervent, these animals provide a glimpse into a world that has been translated just enough to allow the reader to walk along its backroads during dusk at the edge of town. I've been a huge fan of Amling's work and can't wait to see the next set of tricks he's got lurking up his sleeves."

5.5" x 8.5" Chapbook.
Printed text and hand-stamped images,gray covers with black ink.
Printed on high quality linen paper.
Night blue end paper. Printed in an edition of 100.

$6.50 free shipping in USA/Canada.
everyone else, click here shipping cost.


    fr. Total Surfdom

    We heard Golden yiddish Favorites V. 1
    echo from the mint stalls of the public bathhouse,

    in tepid dioxides, the temperature
    of a jewel thief, as sedans come in

    and fill the ribcage of parking lot
    for a tavern with argyle glass.

    erstwhile the specs on dream principle
    reveal the escape hatch in a barreling wave

    the surfer finds true to its word.

    there was a hint of gravity
    in every crevice of the planet

    holding your topical creams, your beach brew,
    your nerf ball down, deep and terribly close

    to its own well being.

    it was this abrasive hold that gave us
    the mines in the Klondike region,

    the hidden blues inside unisex tennis

    and a blind spot from staring into the afterburners
    of a space shuttle, funding our continuous attempt to escape.

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