Monday, February 8, 2010

THE WONDERFULL YEARE by Nate Pritts is now available!

Cooper Dillon Books happily brings you the latest by Nate Pritts:

The Wonderfull Yeare by Nate Pritts
ISBN: 9780984192823
Paperback, 74 pages
$14.00 + s/h

Read an interview with the author, now up at Bookslut.
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"If the twenty-first century falls victim to a sudden plague, then The Wonderfull Yeare will be it's sole antidote. In his collection of pastorals and anti-pastorals, sonnets and anti-sonnets, Pritts proves that the annus mirabilis need not contain monumental breakthroughs like those of Newton or Einstein to justify its wonders. This isn't to say that these poems lack gravity or electricity, because the opposite is true. With revelations both calamitous and quotidian, Pritts makes us reconsider the entire notion of the calendar, as "Leaves unfold & collect sunlight.//It is the second before everything."
--Mary Biddinger, author of Prairie Fever and Saint Monica

Nate Pritts' The Wonderfull Yeare invents new forms for feeling, bringing to life a speaker who sees, in nature, suggestive (but possibly untranslatable, inimitable) directions for moving forward from sorrow. To read these touching collage poems is to make the slow and transformative passage from a "constant red ache" to "blue night...//& then afterward."
--Laura Mullen, author of When I was Dead and Subject

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