Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lumièrethèque by Andrew Zawacki

Our tenth chap (and a slightly belated first anniversary gift) is Andrew Zawacki's Lumièrethèque:

Like magnetic tape manipulation, the temporal and visual of Andrew Zawacki’s Lumièrethèque is warped and looped, reversed and slow-motioned until the grain of the moment is visible. Zoomed to evocative abstraction, Zawacki’s “clips” twist with Murnau-esque mise en scène; like details of Veronese, their cropping implies a multitude outside the frame. Zawacki provides shaky cam footage of cathedrals, jump-cuts, converts analog to digital and back. At Lumièrethèque’s hand-cranked heart are questions raised by video tracking, galleries of anachronism, line and syllable: how does the simple act of perception fracture—and how could it not?

As always, this chap is online-exclusive and free. Please explore the website, where you'll find nine other chapbooks and our Facebook and Twitter profiles.

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