Sunday, October 11, 2009

Play by Liz Waldner from Lightful Press

In Play are two compelling voices deftly outlined by a lyricism that illuminates their intimate encounters with the actual. Whether lovers, ego/id, or disciple/avatar, these interlocutors assay what is at the heart of being human. Here, all the affliction of an "Argument withal, within" is not solved, nor salved, but permeated with the succor of true acknowledgment: "I heard it with my skin." Waldner does not mollify or diminish the suffering in a world where lost daughters are pictured on milk cartons, and nature is assaulted by commerce, but her grace and humor in enacting the text's deeply compassionate exchanges suggest that, with our senses attuned, we can embrace living, even at its most starkly challenging—"Permission to not know granted/ And inhaled gratefully."

—Rusty Morrison

Play is the first book of Lightful Press.

Liz Waldner is the author of eight books, including Dark Would (the missing person) and A Point Is That Which Has No Part, winner of the James Laughlin Award. She has recent work in Poetry, APR and The New Yorker.

Play is a perfect bound book with letterpress covers.

$14 includes shipping

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