Thursday, October 29, 2009


PERSONATIONSKIN by Karl Parker (No Tell Books)
ISBN: 978-0-578-01872-0
136 Pages

What People are Saying about PERSONATIONSKIN:

Hilarity in the vault! A man without a face and an ever-shifting position on things: sheer terror and comedy follow where "everywhere, divides."
—Fanny Howe

To read Karl Parker's poems is to revel in the tremendous reach of a mind that, more than any other I've read (more than John Clare, more than Khlebnikov or Kharms or Huerta) can render me awed at the realization that we, each of us, have a person inside our skins with us. Parker enacts this phenomenological remembering with such a wit and lyricism, and such a grief, that I believe him likely one of the smartest, saddest, funniest writers alive. He is without doubt one of my favorite writers. I have been following his work for years. And so will people for years to come.
—Gabriel Gudding

Karl Parker’s PERSONATIONSKIN makes for a strange and auspicious debut. The self in these poems tries on and discards one skin after another while Rome burns in the background—his fiddling indistinguishable from the burning. Joyous and agonized bodies dance through the funhouse, leaving sticky-note poems on distorting mirrors to mark their circular progress: “peel back the skin, back to the everything, the pale tenderest fleshpetal, where we are reeling still.” A broken umbrella in the face of major weather, a map of a landscape in which the difference is spreading: poems to make your flesh creep, to make you feel alive.
—Joshua Corey

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jack Boettcher's THE DEVIANTS now available!

Jack Boettcher
The Deviants


"If James Tate were to somehow mate with the remnants of a demolition derby, The Deviants would eat its baby. Jack Boettcher is a craftsman and reading these poems is like walking into his shoppe and running your fingers over all the sharpened surfaces. Each poem contains a tight suture of wit and brutally evasive humor. The Deviants will read, and re-read and re-re-read until it all just disappears and you, the reader are left "a decommissioned weapon / holding up a lily / in a ceasefire no one respects."

5.5" x 7" Chapbook with hand-ripped,
hand stamped covers with decorative inlay paper!
Printed in an edition of 120.

Click here for images of the cover.

$7.50 postage paid in USA/Canada.
everyone else, email for a shipping quote.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

new from dancing girl press

Deirdre Dore’s poetry and plays have been published and/or produced in journals and on stages in the USA & Canada. Originally from New York, she now lives with her husband alongside a river in British Columbia where she catches horses, pursues an MFA in Creative Writing and works with trees.

sample poem

Jacqueline Lyons is the author of the poetry collection The Way They Say Yes Here (Hanging Loose Press, 2004). Her poetry and essays have appeared in many literary journals as well as the poetry anthology Oh One Arrow (Flim Forum Press, 2007). She has received a National Endowment for the Arts Poetry Fellowship, the Peace Corps Writers Best Poetry Book Award, the Indiana Review Poetry Prize, and a Nevada Arts Council Fellowship. Her nonfiction has been nominated for Pushcart Prizes and cited in Best American Essays. She is a certified instructor of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, and teaches creative writing at Washington State University.

sample poem

Sara Tracey is a poet and PhD student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her work has recently appeared in Hiram Poetry Review, Keep Going, Harpur Palate, Wicked Alice, Lily, Hobble Creek Review, and FRiGG.

sample poem

Author of How To Study Birds, a chapbook collection in its second run from Dancing Girl Press, Sarah Gardner is a poet and teacher whose work has appeared in many distinguished journals. She has received fellowships for her writing from Blue Mountain Center as well as the Vermont Studio Center. Her recognitions include an International Merit Award from The Atlanta Review and second place honors from the Juniper Creek poetry contest. She has been proudly affiliated with Houston’s Writers in the Schools, a program the brings creative writing instruction to at-risk youth. Currently she lives in Iowa and teaches for St. Ambrose University. Sarah holds an MFA from Syracuse.

sample poem

Jen Blair spends a lot of time personifying vegetation in writing and photography. She also makes books and pamphlets, and writes essays and poems about her social concerns. For a living Jen tells Returning Adult Students what classes to take in college, but she is perfectly happy to give you advice for free. Her work has appeared previously in wicked alice.

sample poem

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ya heard

Scary, No Scary
by Zachary Schomburg
Softcover / 80 p. / Poetry / $12.95
ISBN: 978-0-9777709-9-1

This follow-up to Zachary Schomburg’s acclaimed first collection of poems The Man Suit, is a book of skeleton gloves and skeleton keys—at once dark and playful. With loneliness and levity Schomburg takes the reader on a tour through a liminal world of dream-logic, informed by its own myth and folklore. Here there are new kinds of trees and new ways of naming the ages—jaguars and an abandoned hotel on the horizon. This book will crawl inside your chest and pump lava through your blood.

Scary, No Scary navigates a post-apocalyptic dreadscape teeming with dazzling mutants—two-hearted wolves, bears with no legs—each poem a makeshift shack in a forest where ‘the trees / are blood-stained / and look like old / gigantic leg bones.’ Here, nature is a diffuse monster, eradicating all our human effort to unyoke ourselves from a horror to which we are woefully fused. Sight and blindness are permanently amalgamated, wed across taught lines that are ‘part-wolf / part farm-accident.’ The souls of these poems have been put into them backwards. They unapologetically wear their wings on their chest, and all your hungry reading will not ‘push / those wings / through / to the other side.’” —Lara Glenum

Scary, No Scary (limited ed.)
by Zachary Schomburg
Hardcover/ 80p. / Poetry / $30.00

We are offering a very special foil-stamped hardcover publication of Scary, No Scary in a limited run of two hundred editions. The textless dust jacket will also feature different artwork from the softcover version. Each copy comes with a fine letter pressedminiature broadsideas well, courtesy of Brave Men Press, containing the title poem from the book. These hardcover packages will only be available directly from Black Ocean, and are being offered for $30 with free shipping. These are sure to sell out, so order your copy soon!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Two New Full-Lengths from Octopus Books

The Difficult Farm by Heather Christle
6" x 9"
$12 (includes shipping)

Boris by the Sea by Matvei Yankelevich
6" x 7"
$14 (includes shipping)

Order both books here.

Well Meaning White Girl by Alli Warren now available from Mitzvah Chaps.

"When is The Collected Alli Warren going to be published?"
-Michael T. Hauser

Mr. Hauser voices with clarity that which is surely on all of our minds, and though we here at Mitzvah Chaps cannot answer that question anymore than we can afford extra toppings on our pizza, we can safely say that if you order Alli's chapbook Well Meaning White Girl, it will be 'popped in' the mail within a week.

19 Poems by Alli Warren
Cover designed by Anne Boyer
Edition of 150
Saddle-stitched in Kansas
$7 (includes shipping if you live in the contiguous US)
Includes this poem:


The looping points like likeness and so forth
asserts that everything happens because
I do not know how to work metal
I am less effective I devote a great part of my time to
the interpretation of signals When signs are slow
in coming I do not hesitate to seek the slightest touch
by water by wheat berry by cotton thread and flintstone
I lick around the perimeter and then I lick under
that other totality to overthrow with a flick of tongue
that I might run to the top of a high hill
without weariness sprout a disc and make bold
claims Aim to come correct come morning
after morning there is full range in weights
and extensive looting Insert two fingers to bring breath

To Order:

Play by Liz Waldner from Lightful Press

In Play are two compelling voices deftly outlined by a lyricism that illuminates their intimate encounters with the actual. Whether lovers, ego/id, or disciple/avatar, these interlocutors assay what is at the heart of being human. Here, all the affliction of an "Argument withal, within" is not solved, nor salved, but permeated with the succor of true acknowledgment: "I heard it with my skin." Waldner does not mollify or diminish the suffering in a world where lost daughters are pictured on milk cartons, and nature is assaulted by commerce, but her grace and humor in enacting the text's deeply compassionate exchanges suggest that, with our senses attuned, we can embrace living, even at its most starkly challenging—"Permission to not know granted/ And inhaled gratefully."

—Rusty Morrison

Play is the first book of Lightful Press.

Liz Waldner is the author of eight books, including Dark Would (the missing person) and A Point Is That Which Has No Part, winner of the James Laughlin Award. She has recent work in Poetry, APR and The New Yorker.

Play is a perfect bound book with letterpress covers.

$14 includes shipping

Buy the book here!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Circus by Michael Robins from Flying Guillotine

Our casualties I hear precede the smoke,
in a bed of snakes. There can be no rain

in America, no grass: trains are angry here
as some are sad, processional for an ear.

Michael Robins is the author of The Next Settlement (UNT Press, 2007). He lives in Chicago.

Circus is a hand bound book of poems, with a photograph mounted on each cover, and printed in an edition of 74.

$7 includes shipping.

If you'd like a copy, please use the PayPal button below or send us 7 well concealed bucks. Email flyingguillotinepress [at] gmail [dot] com and we'll give you an address.

Thank you!