Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Saint's Notebook by Kate Schapira is out with Flying Guillotine

artist of coathanger girls and mitten girls

girls of the month forked men snakemen

beginning to people beginning to color

Kate Schapira lives in Providence, Rhode Island where she teaches writing to college and elementary school students and makes chapbooks. She's the author of several chapbooks, including The Love of Freak Millways and Tango Wax (Cy Gist Press), Case Fbdy. (Rope-A-Dope Press) and Heroes & Monsters (forthcoming from Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs).

The Saint's Notebook is a hand stitched book of poems, covered in burlap, and printed in an edition of 74. Every cover is unique, every poem is a bursting canyon.

$7 includes shipping.

If you'd like a copy, please visit Flying Guillotine.

Thank you! You will love these poems.

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