Monday, June 15, 2009


with all this thinkin' folks have to do in these troubled times, why not have something classy to rest that cage on?

we made these to commemorate the down period twixt Corduroy Mtn #1 & Corduroy Mtn #2. clever, no? well, we have three left! so the first three people to spend $20.00 on Greying Ghost back titles will get a lovely medium sized Corduroy Mtn. plush! made from genuine, authentic, made in the usa tan-colored corduroy! huzzah! or you could still just buy the first issue of which our supply is dwindling down.


what we got here, is an early bird special. for a limited time, for $10.00 you can have shipped to your mailing locale, a copy of James Iredell's holy modal chapbook When I Moved To Nevada, and two enveloped pamphlets: Hank Williams by Peter Berghoef, and the newly re-minted Naturalistless by the naturally un-listless Christopher Rizzo. also included will be a set of three pins you can either wear on your jacket, put on your backpack, or trade to a crust punk for some OOP 45's! for $10.00!

you can order using this button:

all orders will be shipped once the authors get their copies!

or, if you don't want the books but still want to support the press by buying the button set, you can do so by using this:

either way, your purchases and subsequently your support are much appreciated! thank you!

much love,

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