Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009


with all this thinkin' folks have to do in these troubled times, why not have something classy to rest that cage on?

we made these to commemorate the down period twixt Corduroy Mtn #1 & Corduroy Mtn #2. clever, no? well, we have three left! so the first three people to spend $20.00 on Greying Ghost back titles will get a lovely medium sized Corduroy Mtn. plush! made from genuine, authentic, made in the usa tan-colored corduroy! huzzah! or you could still just buy the first issue of which our supply is dwindling down.


what we got here, is an early bird special. for a limited time, for $10.00 you can have shipped to your mailing locale, a copy of James Iredell's holy modal chapbook When I Moved To Nevada, and two enveloped pamphlets: Hank Williams by Peter Berghoef, and the newly re-minted Naturalistless by the naturally un-listless Christopher Rizzo. also included will be a set of three pins you can either wear on your jacket, put on your backpack, or trade to a crust punk for some OOP 45's! for $10.00!

you can order using this button:

all orders will be shipped once the authors get their copies!

or, if you don't want the books but still want to support the press by buying the button set, you can do so by using this:

either way, your purchases and subsequently your support are much appreciated! thank you!

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Two New from Patrick Lovelace Editions

Two new titles, Life & Style by Marie Buck, and Peasants by Brad Flis, have just been meritoriously published by the esteemed Patrick Lovelace Editions and can be purchased from our blog until the newly decal'd press website is operational (check back soon).

Life & Style
by Marie Buck
perfect-bound, 5x7, 56p, metallic reflector cover

(order here)
(read a review of Life & Style here)
by Brad Flis
perfect-bound, 5x7, 72p, scratchable lotto surface cover

(order here)
(read a review of Peasants here)

ps. fourth issue of Model Homes, lately stylish, expected end of summer... stay toned...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Coinsides - Justin Marks & Julia Cohen

Now available from Brave Men Press- the third installment of the Coinside series in conjunction with the Deep Moat Reading Series.

Julia Cohen:


and Justin Marks:


Also available as a pair for a slight discount:


Each Coinside is printed in an edition of 21.

Also introducing our Brave Men Press accordion book specially made to store and display your collection of Coinsides. The accordion is double-sided with a total of 14 slots (enough for all the current Coinsides and room for future ones.)

It can fold up to be put on a book shelf or can spread out to be displayed.
Cover measures 3x4 1/4"

Buy the book alone for $18.95

Buy the book along with all the Coinsides to date that are still available

*UPDATE 6/28*---We are currently sold out of all but three CoinSides, so the book w/full set of CoinSides is temporarily unavailable. We will resume selling the set when the next Coinsides Series is released July 18th.