Thursday, February 19, 2009

I, NE: Iterations of the Junco

New Book Available Through Small Fires Press!

I, NE: Iterations of the Junco is a collaboration between John Chavez, Megan Gannon, Rachel May, and Joshua Ware. Illustrations by Meaghan Perry.

Letterpress-printed on 18 file cards in a handmade paper slipcase. Edition of 100.


From the Author's Note on the Process:

We begin with the line, “Juncos hollow white noise limbs dreaming through the ice,” then we augment and erase. We cross-pollinate. We become through nonce form, arbitrary delimiting, & spatial re-orientation.

Of becoming, or more particularly, of becoming-imperceptible, Deleuze and Guattari write: “the truth [is] that all becomings are molecular. The molecular has the capacity to make the elementary communicate with the cosmic: precisely because it effects a dissolution of form that…guarantees a continuum by stretching variation far beyond its formal limits.”

The becoming-imperceptible of the collaborative process helps us follow a line of flight where: “We are no longer ourselves, [where] we have been aided, inspired, multiplied.”

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