Thursday, February 19, 2009

I, NE: Iterations of the Junco

New Book Available Through Small Fires Press!

I, NE: Iterations of the Junco is a collaboration between John Chavez, Megan Gannon, Rachel May, and Joshua Ware. Illustrations by Meaghan Perry.

Letterpress-printed on 18 file cards in a handmade paper slipcase. Edition of 100.


From the Author's Note on the Process:

We begin with the line, “Juncos hollow white noise limbs dreaming through the ice,” then we augment and erase. We cross-pollinate. We become through nonce form, arbitrary delimiting, & spatial re-orientation.

Of becoming, or more particularly, of becoming-imperceptible, Deleuze and Guattari write: “the truth [is] that all becomings are molecular. The molecular has the capacity to make the elementary communicate with the cosmic: precisely because it effects a dissolution of form that…guarantees a continuum by stretching variation far beyond its formal limits.”

The becoming-imperceptible of the collaborative process helps us follow a line of flight where: “We are no longer ourselves, [where] we have been aided, inspired, multiplied.”

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Friedrich Kerksieck
2620 University Blvd
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

New from Factory Hollow Press

I Am a Small Boy
Poems by Zachary Schomburg with drawings by Ben Estes

Lamp like l'map
Poems by Ben Estes with drawings by Zachary Schomburg

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

three new greying ghost books now available individually!
    Borrowed House by Brooklyn Copeland
    Inside A Red Corvette by Becca Klaver
    Boring Meadows by Colin Bassett

please visit The Greying Ghost Website for info/ordering instructions.

they are $6.00 each (includes s+h)


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

God, Sebastian, Amy by Ana Božičević

Flying Guillotine Press announces Ana Božičević's new chapbook God, Sebastian, Amy!

Cittadino in Campagna di New Jersey

The green by itself didn't mean anything;
it needed shapes to inform it.

The long hope of the long hill—
the incline spoke, the hill didn't.

On the burnt dog-grass, at the foot of the V tree
its shadow drew an X. —Me, a denominator?

—No, you were the line in tree's fraction:
one present point where bird-life in the crown

divided by death on the grass, equaled a soul…
The hill curved, now in starlight.

There was a sensation of falling. And how the hill changed.
—& the length of hope? —Didn't. Only the soul—

The soul was painted over and over, like an outlet.

God, Sebastian, Amy is a 28 page, hand stitched book of poems printed in an edition of 74. There are three different covers with photographs by Shannon Davies and Tony Mancus. They are bound with red string!

$8 includes shipping.

If you'd like a copy, please visit Flying Guillotine Press.

PS--Look for Flying Guillotine at AWP. We'll be the ones wearing shirts. And pants, most likely.

The Many Articulated Love It!

Monday, February 9, 2009

new from Effing Press: KISS A BOMB TATTOO by Hoa Nguyen

by Hoa Nguyen

40 pages
w/ letterpress covers

isbn 0-9794745-5-8

printed and bound in an edition of 467
February, 2009

Effing Press
703 W. 11th Street
Austin, TX 78701

new from Effing Press: IN THE BIRD'S BREATH by Marcia Roberts

by Marcia Roberts

64 pages
w/ letterpress covers

isbn 0-9794745-7-4

printed and bound in an edition of 471 copies
January, 2009

Effing Press
703 W. 11th Street
Austin, TX 78701

small press offsite at AWP Chicago

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Linnea Ogden's Another Limit

In “Another Limit," Linnea Ogden maps a skeptic's fugitive geography of the imagination. In poems with titles like “Submerged Lands Act,” this poet continuously draws and redraws the jurisdiction of her literary consciousness, always seeking “the answer to this particular border / dispute” in poems of considerable formal grace and emotional honesty. — Srikanth Reddy

Linnea Ogden explores boundaries both thematically and in her syntax. But most amazing: she makes legal language sing. — Rosmarie Waldrop


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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cannibal: Issue Four

Cannibal: Issue Four

Featuring poetry from Stephanie Balzer, Zach Barocas, Laura Carter, Dot Devota, Christopher DeWeese, Claire Donato, Buck Downs, Christopher Eaton, Bonnie Emerick, Jeff Encke, Clayton Eshleman, Lucas Farrell, Drew Gardner, Garth Graeper, Meg Hurtado, Ethan Hon, Kevin Holden, Bethany Ides, Shannon Jonas, Pierre Joris, Friederich Kerksieck, Michael Koshkin, Mark Lamoureux, Hank Lazer, François Luong, Amanda Nadelberg, Linnea Ogden, Akilah Oliver, Cate Peebles, Lanny Quarles, Elizabeth Robinson, Morgan Lucas Schuldt, Brandon Shimoda, Stephen Sturgeon, Janaka Stucky, Amish Trivedi, & Alyssa Wolf

140 pages, hand-sewn in signatures, screen printed cover

Sold Out

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Cupboard presents: Louis Streitmatter's A New Map of America

A New Map of America
by Louis Streitmatter
edited by James Brubaker

1 tape-bound volume designed by Beth Sullivan
$5/individual, $15/subscription

The Cupboard is pleased to present A New Map of America by Louis Streitmatter and edited by James Brubaker, a guide for a nation’s lost and grateful citizens.

"An intricate and poetic mystery—as pretentious as it is lovely."–Sir Jonathan R. Alpert, British Royal Cartographers' Association

More than thirty years in the making, renowned cartographer Louis Streitmatter's A New Map of America is at last here for a nation of lost and grateful citizens. In this book—containing the controversial map as well as the cartographer's notes on the many landmarks he's surveyed—Streitmatter unveils a new contour to this country's surfaces and boundaries. The result is a generous guide for any weary traveler. Read it. Use It. Keep it in your pockets.

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Read excerpts here.