Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Ed Dorn & the Western World
by Amiri Baraka

(Baraka's keynote address at the "Ed Dorn Symposium" March 08, University of Colorado in Boulder)

40 pages, saddle-stitched
w/ letterpress printed covers

isbn 0-9794745-5-8


From the book:

The moving out to investigate the real West the Westness of us, that is the real openness, newness, freshness, innovation of America the promise is to finally see that this promise has been the threatened future of this world of European invention and discovery, colonialism and capitalism and imperialism and always war and this Afro Asian Latino world of submission and imprisonment and defeat. But it has been that tribe of Dorn's that has also slipped outside the well advertised virtues of this hell and to include them in the torture must make Dorn then search outside the given, outside the relentlessly stated lie of American democracy to see that America and its place in the world for what they actually are.

printed and bound in the nude in an edition of 500 copies, December/January at the Effing Press in Austin, TX. published by Skanky Possum and Effing Press.

703 W. 11th Street
Austin, TX 78701


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