Monday, January 19, 2009

Benjamin Buchholz's Thirteen Stares from Magic Helicopter Press

Thirteen Stares by Benjamin Buchholz

A chapbook of poems and photographs
36 pg
First Printing: November 2008, 75 numbered copies

"No God" from Thirteen Stares:

The place to find God is not, never has been, in the set of stacked Pentecostal folding chairs where the organ dustcover and orange jellybeans at Easter, or cleanliness, sidewalk router suburbia, clipped, fertilized lawns and sprinklers, conservative Oldsmobiles for gentle coffee and the body of Christ flat on the same tongue as adultery, Lo, beat the stolen hubcap of the Minister of Agriculture’s Mercedes into a birdbath, there He is, find the Kuwaiti coin from the year of your anniversary, as if, striking in sunlight, the mold fits the one thing that ever fit you, her, and grass seeded on the lee of the dune, swept, root bare, smiling outside the girls’ school where accidentally the squaddie hears them screaming at recess.


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