Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pinch Pinch Press: Barnaby Jones #1


Handsewn, 40 pages

Featuring: Carrie Hunter, Jack Morgan, Willie Ziebell, Tao Lin, Anne Boyer, K. Silem Mohammad, Sean Kilpatrick, Donald Illich, Daniel Bailey, Mike Young, Emma Swanson, Nick Demske, Francis Raven, with art by Tim Gaze

from Pinch Pinch Press

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Someone Else's Body by Claire Donato

dgp winter chapbook sale

get 5 books for $20 now through the end of February...

available titles:

available titles
Wiving, Anne Heide
Locate, Edward smallfield and Miriam Pirone
The Fire-Wife, Melissa Culbertson
Divided highway, Kim Young
Elsewhere & Wise, Kristi Maxwell
Lit, Danielle Vogel
The Residents, Kim Gek Lin Short
The History of a Lake Never Drowns, Julia Cohen
How to Mend A Broken Heart with Vengeance, Leigh Stein
Deep in the Safe House: Ten Poems after Henry Darger, Maggie Ginestra
Mock Martyrs / Abound, Julia Drescher
Brute Fact, Melissa Severin
The Partial Autobiography of Jane Doe, Daniela Olszewska
Recovering the Body, Nicole Cartwright Denison
Bee Spit, Kristy Odelius
Kitchen Witch, Theresa Boyar
Alphabet for M, Jesse Nissim
Orange Girl, Simone Muench
Alluvium, Erin Bertram
No Isla Encanta, Khadijah Queen
Sugaring, Ann Cefola
See Also Electric Light, Jen Tynes
Two Kinds of Arson, Brandi Homan
Parapherna, Donora Hillard
The Traffic in Women, Kristina Marie Darling
Vestigial Portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Robyn Art
How to Study Birds, Sarah Gardner
The Animal Husband, Christine Hamm
The Terrible Baby, Rebecca Cook

see here for details....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Benjamin Buchholz's Thirteen Stares from Magic Helicopter Press

Thirteen Stares by Benjamin Buchholz

A chapbook of poems and photographs
36 pg
First Printing: November 2008, 75 numbered copies

"No God" from Thirteen Stares:

The place to find God is not, never has been, in the set of stacked Pentecostal folding chairs where the organ dustcover and orange jellybeans at Easter, or cleanliness, sidewalk router suburbia, clipped, fertilized lawns and sprinklers, conservative Oldsmobiles for gentle coffee and the body of Christ flat on the same tongue as adultery, Lo, beat the stolen hubcap of the Minister of Agriculture’s Mercedes into a birdbath, there He is, find the Kuwaiti coin from the year of your anniversary, as if, striking in sunlight, the mold fits the one thing that ever fit you, her, and grass seeded on the lee of the dune, swept, root bare, smiling outside the girls’ school where accidentally the squaddie hears them screaming at recess.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Ed Dorn & the Western World
by Amiri Baraka

(Baraka's keynote address at the "Ed Dorn Symposium" March 08, University of Colorado in Boulder)

40 pages, saddle-stitched
w/ letterpress printed covers

isbn 0-9794745-5-8


From the book:

The moving out to investigate the real West the Westness of us, that is the real openness, newness, freshness, innovation of America the promise is to finally see that this promise has been the threatened future of this world of European invention and discovery, colonialism and capitalism and imperialism and always war and this Afro Asian Latino world of submission and imprisonment and defeat. But it has been that tribe of Dorn's that has also slipped outside the well advertised virtues of this hell and to include them in the torture must make Dorn then search outside the given, outside the relentlessly stated lie of American democracy to see that America and its place in the world for what they actually are.

printed and bound in the nude in an edition of 500 copies, December/January at the Effing Press in Austin, TX. published by Skanky Possum and Effing Press.

703 W. 11th Street
Austin, TX 78701

Monday, January 12, 2009

Now Shipping: Forklift, Ohio #19

We finally finished assembling the remaining copies of this issue, so come and get 'em!


-Matt & Eric

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Split Level Igloo, Eric Amling

Human Hair & Co. books

32 page chapbook by Eric Amling

Soy Ink & Recycled Paper / edition of 250
$7 + paying the mail people
Eric Amling is the author of the previous chapbook TWIN VAPOR:
"His writing is great. Long-lined poems are filled with gorgeous surrealist imagery, bleeding heart galore and plenty of yucks. This would include perhaps the best penis nickname I've yet had the pleasure to encounter: the Episcopal Hammer. Seek it for pleasure."
Thurston Moore and Byron Coley of Arthur magazine Oct. 2006

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Corduroy Mtn First Print

Corduroy Mtn. - First Print
Greying Ghost Press/ Lit Mag

We like hats. We like hats so much we threw ours into the literary magazine ring. When we all became embarrassed by our haircuts, what we found was some truly excellent, original, and eclectic material written by a bunch of strangers. First Print comes as a 5x7 chapbook with hand stamped covers (each one is different!), a broadsheet, a photograph, and a Jack Boettcher quote. Printed on high quality linen paper with color inserts.

Features work by:
Peter Berghoef, Shane Jones, Brooklyn Copeland, Forest Roth, Blake Butler, Mandy Billings, Brandon Shimoda, Sommer Browning, Adam Maynard, Joshua Ware, Drew Kalbach, B.J. Love, Kevin Wilson, Kendra Malone, Jac Jemc, Eric Amling, and James Iredell

$6.00 postage paid in USA/Canada.
everyone else, email for a shipping quote.

Old With You, Lily Brown


Cover art by Andrew Kenower

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year: Bloof Bundle special


Warsaw Bikini by Sandra Simonds
My Zorba by Danielle Pafunda
For Girls (& Others) by Shanna Compton
Drunk by Noon by Jennifer L. Knox

FREE $5 from each bundle purchase
goes to benefit Poets in Need

That's 4 books for the price of 3, free shipping*,
and a charitable cause we can all get behind.
What's not to love? $45.00

* US only. International orders are too expensive for us to ship free, but get in touch for shipping costs and you can still take advantage of the bundle deal.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Lil' Norton Book!

The third in a series of books on various subjects, all pulled from newspaper comment streams. The current volume, "Subjects," collages comments to articles on blogging and "oversharing," psychiatry for the superwealthy, the rights of apes, and the future of the book. It's as if everyone in the world annoying enough to comment obsessively on "controversial" topics were suddenly awarded PhDs and given book deals, still without having anything interesting to say! The present volume sells at cost for $5.98 from Lulu. Visit Lil' Norton's storefront today!