Monday, December 29, 2008


In honor of the New Year, Shadowbox Press is offering a deal that will make your older sister wish she hadn't wronged you all those years ago.

Choose any two of the following chapbooks &, for just $9, shipping included, they'll be in your mailbox quicker than candy, ready to spend some quality time with you or someone you love.

:: An Introduction to the Archetypes by Susan Slaviero (new!)
:: constellations gathered along the ecliptic by Craig Santos Perez
:: Flood by Woody Loverude
:: Fuel in Vacant Lots: Essays on Queer Existence by E.M. Bertram, Ed.

To get yours, visit us here & follow the directions on the left hand side (they're not too tricky, promise). Until then, here's to longer days, small books, & relatively healthy sibling relationships.

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