Monday, December 29, 2008


In honor of the New Year, Shadowbox Press is offering a deal that will make your older sister wish she hadn't wronged you all those years ago.

Choose any two of the following chapbooks &, for just $9, shipping included, they'll be in your mailbox quicker than candy, ready to spend some quality time with you or someone you love.

:: An Introduction to the Archetypes by Susan Slaviero (new!)
:: constellations gathered along the ecliptic by Craig Santos Perez
:: Flood by Woody Loverude
:: Fuel in Vacant Lots: Essays on Queer Existence by E.M. Bertram, Ed.

To get yours, visit us here & follow the directions on the left hand side (they're not too tricky, promise). Until then, here's to longer days, small books, & relatively healthy sibling relationships.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy December from Horse Less Press!

Here's a couple deals for you.

1. Pick up any two of the following chaps for only $7 (plus $1 shipping)! (Don't forget to let us know which two books you want!)
Anemic Cinema by Thomas Cook
To Be Human Is To Be A Conversation by Andrea Rexilius
Shadows are Weather by Allison Carter
Toward Eadward Forward by Emily Abendroth
A Mule-Shaped Cloud by Sarah Bartlett and Chris Tonelli
Vale Tudo by Sommer Browning
The Photograph by Sampson Starkweather
At Last Unfolding Congo by Alex Lemon

2. Or! Get any one chapbook from the above list plus a copy of Jen Tynes's new book, Heron/Girlfriend, for $10 (plus $1 shipping). More info about Heron/Girlfriend, published by Coconut Books, here:

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

hand held editions - series 1

hand held editions
series 1

Timothy Donnelly - The Cloud Corporation
Ethan Paquin - Nineains
Stefania Heim - Three Poems

Three 5x7 chapbooks
printed on quality linen paper.

Get all three for $11

Visit hand held editions for details.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Ryan Daley - A Border Looks Like Making Love
A new chapbook from the Greying Ghost

To read Ryan Daley's A Border... is to hark back to the time you drove out into the rural flatlands in the middle of the night and turned your front lights off, kept on driving. Or that bus ride you took with other traveling phantoms from your city to their's. This is the poetry of motion, of curiosity, of raising hell as you skid across the icy terrain of someone else's life. For sex out of this range / Try the Golden Panda manipulation.

5x7 chapbook printed on quality linen paper with covers made from recycled grocery bags and old German maps. Printed in an edition of 50.

$6.00 postage paid in USA/Canada.
everyone else, email for a shipping quote.