Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2 new books from greying ghost!

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Laura Carter - At The Pulse

"Like a conversation between two dinner guests - one in the bustling din of a dining room, the other across town in the burgundy dust of a soup kitchen open at the crack of dawn. These collection of poetic pulses interpret the grind and the ornate and the fierceness and the irreversible gait of life's intoxication through a sheer veneer of waggish curiosity. At The Pulse is astonishingly brilliant." -- $8.00 (ppd/us)

Adam Fieled - Help!

"Adam Fieled's Help! is writ with the din that blows eastward from Alleghany range to the eavesdropper's ear in Philadelphia. Inspired by the classic Beatles album, Help! could be the pouring of a soul into a very small cup, or the a bunch of little souls spilling from the cup onto the floor. His poems talk to You directly. They welcome you into their kitchen. They help you with your coat and build a fire. They feed you and then they leave you." -- $7.00 (ppd/us)

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