Monday, October 27, 2008

Frank Stanford Broadside

"Search Party"
by Frank Stanford

in an edition of 100 copies, letter pressed by Effing Press, in collaboration with Lost Roads Publishers & Cannibal Books, for the Frank Stanford Literary Festival in Fayetteville, Arkansas, October 17-19, 2008


Monday, October 20, 2008

Mike Hauser's Psychic Headset

Sexual Poem

you of
the opposite

from my

don’t know
good for you

hold my
cock a minute

ok I’m back

I have
no arms no legs
no nothing

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Releases (& a couple older ones) From Small Fires Press

Five New Releases/Five New Reasons to LUV Letterpress Fancy-Ness.

Small Fires Press

The Wheat Wars by Erasmus Gould, edited by Alex Chambers:

The Wheat Wars is written by Erasmus Gould, municipal spy and national man of mystery, and edited by Alex Chambers. Illustration by Cherie Weaver. Essay explaining how corn came to dominate wheat in the contemporary zeitgeist. Letterpressed, with handmade cotton covers. Edition of 55. $15.00

Biographies: Sources indicate that Erasmus Gould retired not so long ago from a career as an agricultural snoop, municipal spy and national man of mystery. Throughout his career as a defender of whole wheat, it seems he maintained a side interest in history and beauty, focusing in particular on the economic origins of wonder and the breakdown of the bicameral mind.
Alex Chambers lives in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

From Khunk to Chunk by Erasmus Gould, edited by Alex Chambers:

From Khunk to Chunkis written by Erasmus Gould, municipal spy and national man of mystery, and edited by Alex Chambers. Illustration by Cherie Weaver.
Essay on the history and ethical failings of corn syrup. Letterpressed, with handmade cotton covers. Edition of 55. $15.00

When We Broke the Microscope by Julia Cohen and Mathias Svalina:

When We Broke the Microscope features illustrations by Cherie Weaver - a 36 page double-pamphlet letterpressed poetry collaboration in an edition of 125.

Some Bridges Migrate by Scott Pierce, 2nd Edition:

Some Bridges Migrate is written by Scott Pierce and features artwork by Cherie Weaver: a fully letterpressed twelve-page chapbook made with photopolymer type on Frankfurt paper with a handmade cotton/flax coverstock in an edition of 100. $20.00

Cob Webs by Laura Swan:Cobwebs is written and illustrated by Laura Swan & is fully letterpressed via photopolymer reproduction with a hand-colored title. On Frankfurt White paper. An 8-page one page book in an edition of 80. $6.00

Three Chapbooks from Projective Industries.

“You are walking toward gunshots on this road,” Thomas Hummel writes (or is it cites?) “while the steppe is asking for songs,” and the relations within and between these two clauses—tense, uncertain, quite possibly accidental—is like that between almost any two sentences in this striking, important new work. Is “toward” in this case spatial or temporal? Does “while” mean “at the same time” or “whereas”? Hummel notes that this is a “work of collage,” meaning most of its sentences originally appeared in contexts that limited their meaning. Here, unmoored, they realize their potential strangeness, and find themselves arranged by a random integer generator to take on the “arbitrary nature of the organic world.” Yet what surprises the reader most about this work isn’t the way it evades meaning in favor of mere being, or even the way it places gunshots where we expect songs. It is instead the fact that it captures throughout its pages the act of significance cutting through the bramble of its language, insisting itself into graspability, and against all odds. If the condition of the work is classic melancholia (“He was empty inside, and he could see no exciting project or absorbing task into which he could throw himself”), it is one of its most radical, affecting, and perfect manifestations in recent memory.

– Timothy Donnelly


His poems, his music, his game, his friendships are here, suggesting that Thibault Raoult takes seriously the conflict of his roles. As a writer, he insistently remains an amateur, going beyond what he knows. El P.E. reads as a kind of radical blessing, an expressive, unconsummated poetics in which we encounter cycles of cultural narrative rendered through an incontrovertibly particular language (of tribe, an ordo vagorum). Raoult's enthusiastic attentiveness to expression, pleasure, and polysemous meanings stokes a poetry that is, always in glimpses, perversely funny, turbulent, and whammo, alive.

— Forrest Gander


Noun and verb, agent and act. Constantly searching and endlessly reiterative, Samuel Amadon’s Spy Poem is the “little gray man” embodied. Visible when it chooses and vanishing at will, this work is just fast enough to stay ahead of us but never risks capture. His is a poetics of clandestinity. With its beautifully staggered and seamless syllabics, the poem is a dissection of artifice within an artifice: how we shape what we leave, how we choose what we show, how we say what we say once we’ve made the choice to say it. Samuel Amadon is watching. Get in the car.

—Thomas Hummel


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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2 new books from greying ghost!

{ now available: }
Laura Carter - At The Pulse

"Like a conversation between two dinner guests - one in the bustling din of a dining room, the other across town in the burgundy dust of a soup kitchen open at the crack of dawn. These collection of poetic pulses interpret the grind and the ornate and the fierceness and the irreversible gait of life's intoxication through a sheer veneer of waggish curiosity. At The Pulse is astonishingly brilliant." -- $8.00 (ppd/us)

Adam Fieled - Help!

"Adam Fieled's Help! is writ with the din that blows eastward from Alleghany range to the eavesdropper's ear in Philadelphia. Inspired by the classic Beatles album, Help! could be the pouring of a soul into a very small cup, or the a bunch of little souls spilling from the cup onto the floor. His poems talk to You directly. They welcome you into their kitchen. They help you with your coat and build a fire. They feed you and then they leave you." -- $7.00 (ppd/us)

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Sunday, October 5, 2008


From late-night train rides to DIY surgery, Chelsea to Greenpoint, Baudrillard to Kierkegaard—these nineteen poems buzz and spark and surprise. Justin Taylor has a clear, strong voice and plenty to say. More Perfect Depictions of Noise is a smart, funny, original collection. Even its quiet parts are loud.

5 x 8 1/2 inches, 48 pages, letterpressed covers, perfect bound edition of 1000.

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A satirical, faux-archive of a fictional senator's bizarre open correspondence to a variety of recipients: his constituents, other senators, media members, the president, & "weird guy"; topics of interest include breakfast, public hazards, Carl Weathers as Superman, blimps, and national security—all dashed off with self-aggrandizing jingoistic bombast.

9 x 11 1/2 inches, 23 pages, custom-designed stationery in letterpressed archive folder. edition of 500

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