Tuesday, August 5, 2008

shane jones - will unfold you with my hairy hands

Shane Jones - I Will Unfold You With My Hairy Hands
Greying Ghost Chapbook Series

"Shane Jones's stories are strange and audacious. Do not expect irony or the hipster's felted birds and silk-screened whales. In these stories, animals die, live in chimneys, and float overhead, caught in the neon signs of the cityscape. Intimacy is a monster unfolding the palsied body of a handicapped woman and two people speaking into each other's feet. Yet in the bald telling of these bizarre stories there is the suggestion of tenderness that only honesty can articulate-this is the bird hovering above a burning field."
       - J'Lyn Chapman (Bear Stories)

5x8 chapbook printed on quality linen paper with horn-blowing angels.
Printed in an edition of 75.
Click here for an excerpt.

$8.00 postage paid in USA/Canada.

to order, visit AIRFORCE JOYRIDE

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