Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Cupboard presents: Parables & Lies by Jesse Ball

The Cupboard's inaugural pamphlet is now available. Parables & Lies contains thirty-six short narratives about weary travelers and siblings of strange portent. Here is a world of kingdoms and distrust, of strangers to be encountered and age-old morals never, probably, to come.

$5, single issue
$15, one-year subscription (4 pamphlets)

Order with Paypal here.

Read excerpts here.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Greying Ghost Presents: Walden Book by Allen Bramhall

Allen Bramhall - Walden Book
Greying Ghost press

Walden Book is an open door in an era of locked doors and drawn shades. It is a wildly lucid testament, not a eulogy, to the beauty that is Massachusetts' natural world. The poems in Walden Book are as inviting and intimate as a westward drive on route 2 from 128. There will be no poo-pooing of the modern world here - just the history of a place with all of its lights turned off. At least to me, Walden Book assures us that we can have simultaneous submissions of neon lettering and white pines. Picture Thoreau sharing a bill with the Modern Lovers.

5x8 chapbook printed on quality linen paper with hand-stamped envelope. Printed in an edition of 75. The covers are from a book of old Massachusetts coastal maps. Each chapbook has a different cover.

$8.00 postage paid in USA/Canada.
everyone else, email for a shipping quote.

ordering info: airforcejoyride.com

also available:
Peter Berghoef - News of The Haircut
Chris Rizzo - Naturalistless
Brian Foley - The Tornado Is Not A Surrealist


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rebirth of Cannibal

Cannibal Books reborn in Fayetteville, Arkansas, releases
This Ocean, or Oppen Series by Joseph Bradshaw
40 pp. hand-sewn, $6

and re-releases
The Foundations of Poetry Mathematics by Ben Mazer
12 pp. hand-sewn, $6

I'll Say I'm Only Visiting by Thibault Raoult
32 pp. hand-sewn, $6
Gilbi Winco Swags by Melanie Hubbard
44 pp. hand-sewn, $9
Available at