Friday, June 27, 2008

New from First Intensity Press

No Face
Judith Roitman
192 pp, $14.95
First Intensity Press

"Roitman's distinct and elegant line runs through a large variety of forms, breaking now at close intervals, now at deep breaths, now at the margin, now at the period. The line disappears altogether, into white space that is equally distinct, leaving the words in array. Then this unbroken space becomes a matrix for the whole. The result is a poetry of ongoing spiritual awakening, continual without progression; a redemption from the 'false hope set up by grammar' whereby one is not so much blessed as nonplussed. Which is enough."—Cyrus Console, author of Brief Under Water

"No Face is a calendar of meditations where pun and play reveal how reality and its twin, illusion, lose themselves in language. Roitman attends to these worlds with rare devotion and intensity. Yet she also adheres to Wallace Stevens's dictum: it must give pleasure. No Face does."—John Tipton, author of Surfaces

To order, visit the No Face page at Small Press Distribution.

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