Friday, October 26, 2007

Your Ten Favorite Words, by Reb Livingston

Your Ten Favorite Words, by Reb Livingston
Coconut Books
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ISBN 978-0-6151-6182-2

"What used to be called “the war between the sexes” is now being duked out with great passion and finesse by Reb Livingston in this collection of take-no-prisoners poems. In Your Ten Favorite Words no one is let off the hook, least of all the feisty scribe herself. You know you badly need to read poems in which a 21st century Red Riding Hood declares, “I bide my time sipping seltzer with the/animal meant to gobble Grandma.” You know you cannot live without a book that contains a glacier named “Lucas’s Ejaculation,” section titles like “Our Rascal Asses,” “bitchy, home-wrecking wraiths and dirty, train-hopping banshees” and speakers who make comments such as, “Accept your inner leprosy.” Sassy, freaky, comic, vulnerable, and to use one of her very own neologisms “gleefullized” Reb Livingston’s poems are a shot in the arm and a throb in the brain, a rebellious erotics of language, an irrepressible manifesto of the vagaries of the libido, complete with deep mischievousness and dark misgivings. If you’ve been wondering where poems by the next generation of whip smart, tender/tough women can be found: Eureka! A book full of them is right here.
–Amy Gerstler

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Forklift, Ohio
A Journal of Poetry, Cooking & Light Industrial Safety
ISSUE # 17 • SUMMER 2007

Matt Hart, Editor
Eric Appleby, Designer/Publisher
Brett Price, Asst. Editor

Featuring work by:

Alex LemonAndrew Hughes • Ben KopelBeth Bachmann • Bob Hicok • Daniel Johnson • Dean Gorman • Jeremy Schmall • Joshua Marie Wilkinson • Joni • M. Wallace • Justin Taylor • Kaethe Schwehn • Karla Kelsey • Karyna McGlynn • Kiki Petrosino • Kristi Maxwell • Lesley Jenike • Lindsay Coleman • Michael Rerick • Nate Pritts • Noah Eli Gordon • Oscar Ames Cowgill • Russell Dillon • Scott Dennis • Tomaz Salamun • Tyler Meier • Zach Savich


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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Manila Broadsides: October Edition

The So and So Series and Rope-A-Dope Press present the poems of Phil Cordelli, Hazel McClure, and Keith Newton, and the artwork of Sadie Bliss:

13"x11" on Rives BFK with silkscreen/linocut by Sadie Bliss

$15 includes shipping

13"x11" on Rives BFK with silkscreen/linocut by Sadie Bliss

$15 includes shipping

13"x11" on Rives BFK with silkscreen/linocut by Sadie Bliss

$15 includes shipping

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Harlot, by Jill Alexander Essbaum

Harlot, by Jill Alexander Essbaum
No Tell Books, $15
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Few poets’ roots go deeper than the Romantics; Jill Alexander Essbaum’s reach all the way to the Elizabethans. In her Harlot one hears Herbert and Wyatt and Donne, their parallax view of religion as sex and sex as religion, their delight in sin, their smirking penitence, their penchant for the conceit, their riddles and fables, their fondling and squeezing of language. But this “postulant in the Church of the Kiss” is a twenty-first century woman, a “strange woman” less bowed to confession than hell-bent on fairly bragging of threesomes and more complications than were wet-dreamt of in Mr. W. H.’s philosophy.
—H. L. Hix