Tuesday, March 20, 2007

H_NGM_N Chapbook #'s 5 & 6

...these poems short-circuit their syntax and attention (almost compulsively, and always compellingly), shifting their grounds to reveal a heart the size of a ship, a surprise ending at every beginning, and a future-past-perfect where poems are greater than the sum of their parts...

Matt Hart on Evan Commander's A THING AND ITS GHOST.
H_NGM_N Chapbook #5.

There’s wit and wonder in both the light and the darkness of these lyrics, and more wonder at how effortlessly Krut connects the intimate with the immense, building ‘door inside eyesight.’ Theory of the Walking Big Bang is a remarkable and original collection of poems.

Beckian Fritz Goldberg on Robert Krut's THEORY OF THE WALKING BIG BANG.

H_NGM_N. A journal of poetry, poetics, &c.

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