Sunday, March 25, 2007

new from dancing girl press

See Also Electric Light
Jen Tynes
dancing girl press, 2007

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Coming Down in White by Lori Shine

Accordian-fold chapbook/wall-hanging
Limited edition of 200 numbered copies
Printed on Mohawk & Fabriano papers
$8 + $2 s/h

OR buy it with Anthony Robinson's BRIEF WEATHER & I GUESS A SORT OF VISION... both books for $12 + $3 s/h


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

H_NGM_N Chapbook #'s 5 & 6

...these poems short-circuit their syntax and attention (almost compulsively, and always compellingly), shifting their grounds to reveal a heart the size of a ship, a surprise ending at every beginning, and a future-past-perfect where poems are greater than the sum of their parts...

Matt Hart on Evan Commander's A THING AND ITS GHOST.
H_NGM_N Chapbook #5.

There’s wit and wonder in both the light and the darkness of these lyrics, and more wonder at how effortlessly Krut connects the intimate with the immense, building ‘door inside eyesight.’ Theory of the Walking Big Bang is a remarkable and original collection of poems.

Beckian Fritz Goldberg on Robert Krut's THEORY OF THE WALKING BIG BANG.

H_NGM_N. A journal of poetry, poetics, &c.

The Agriculture Reader

The first-ever issue of The Agriculture Reader features poetry from a bevy of incredible poets, including Noelle Kocot, Anthony McCann, Mark Bibbins, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Dan Hoy, and Mike McDonough, along with fiction, illustrations, and an audio CD of music and spoken word.

Every issue is unique: hand-cut, hand-painted, foil-stamped, and signed.


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Dustin Williamson's Cab Ass'n from Lame House


Lame House Press
Brooklyn, NY

Monday, March 19, 2007

Cannibal Issue Two

The second issue of Cannibal features poems from Hadara Bar-Nadav, Jen Bervin, Julia Cohen, John Coletti, Christopher Eaton, Landis Everson, Karen Garthe, Daniela Gesundheit, Johannes Göransson, Kate Greenstreet, Jane Gregory, Shafer Hall, Janet Holmes, Dan Hoy, Amy King, Donna Kuhn, Mark Lamoureux, Kristi Maxwell, Farid Matuk, Ben Mazer, Jess Mynes, Sawako Nakayasu, Eugene Ostashevsky, Arlo Quint, Chris Salerno, Mary Ann Samyn, Frank Sherlock, Stacy Szymaszek, Maureen Thorson, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Jake Adam York & Alex Young.

70 pages, hand-sewn in signatures and screen printed.

Brooklyn, NY

The Second Is Thirst by Jane Gregory

32 pages, side-stapled on quality legal sized paper.

Cannibal Chapbook Series
Brooklyn, NY

Compathy by Shannon Jonas

30 pages, side-stapled on quality legal sized paper.
Sold out--second printing available in the Summer of 2007.

Cannibal Chapbook Series
Brooklyn, NY

effing magazine #6, edited by Joe Massey

effing magazine #6, edited by Joe Massey

Zach Barocas, Christopher Rizzo, Mairéad Byrne, Andrew Mister, Rae Armantrout, Shannon Tharp, Aaron Tieger, Thomas Devaney, Julie Doxsee, Sandra Simonds, Jess Mynes , and John Phillips

64 pages, theadbound
letterpressed covers w/ linocut by Jared Faulkner

Austin, TX

The Renaissance Sheet by Lily Brown

The Renaissance Sheet
by Lily Brown

Eight Dollars ($)
Hand-Bound Edition of 88
Dry-Embossed Covers
Octopus Books, 2007

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Octopus Books

Book Reports by Jonah Winter

Book Reports
by Jonah Winter

Sixteen Dollars ($)
Limited Edition Hardbacks
Bound in Rescued Vintage Childrens' Book Covers
Octopus Books, 2007

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Octopus Books

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A new chapbook from horse less press!

Phoenix Memory by Kate Schapira
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Coming later this Spring: horse less review #5 & a chapbook by C.S. Carrier.

Jen @ horse less